Caves​/​Stephen Cooley

by Caves

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Split tape with Stephen Cooley. Hear his side here, k?

Originally released on our own on self dubbed tapes, home computer printed and ugly hand written covers.

Reissued later 2011 by Leaning Trees Records


released August 7, 2012

Recorded by Peter Grier on 4-track cassette in bedrooms, basements and empty houses 2009. With Angus help recording the drums used in Rakes and Sunrise. Some parts looped on a digidelay pedal others played live.

Angus took the album art photos

Jeremy lent his drums, piano and empty house

Stephen lent his moral support and second side to the album LISTEN TO IT HERE



all rights reserved


Caves Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Caves was Peter Grier doin some stuff.
Now it's Jeremy Angus Stephen and Peter doin stuff together. New album out now!!

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Track Name: No Birds In The Sky
When I walk home with my feet dragging slow
My head bowed, my eyes are on the ground
There is glass broken on every road I go down
I see the shadow of birds from above flying 'round

There are so many it gets dark out for a while
I look up and all I see is a grey sky looking back at me

I am filled with worry
and I remember you said please don't be/not to be
Track Name: Rakes
Track Name: Morning
In my bed at dawn I know I'm no one
I want to fall back into my dream
Where you are everyone and everything

I wish the day wouldn't start
Because I have a lazy heart

The pool of my mind is overflowing
with my longing
and i'm drowning
my lungs are filled with your tears
Track Name: Tides
It's been a year and the moon is full in the daylight
I can feel you pulling me closer by the tide
and I heard you've been talking me up in other towns
So I avoid your eyes when they're around
Track Name: Cold Nights
The world's become chilled
our bloods become still
it's late into the night
and I hate saying goodbye
Our breath turns into cloud
feet are frozen to the ground
I want nothing more than your warmth
Track Name: Halloween
I blew my brains out with the blow of my own thoughts
splattering them around the room
You waited worried and patient
as I gathered the pieces of my mind
trying to put it together

We both know
That there are still holes
that there are pieces stuck to the walls

I'll never be the same
I'll never do that again
Track Name: I'm Always Tired
Broke my head
you turned to a ghost
and you seeped in through the cracks in my skull
and built your home there among the wires
So I think of you when I get tired
Track Name: Living In Caves
The world's been shown as a shadow
A put on show that we're watching all alone
So get a drink and eat a snack
Don't worry about a thing
Sit down and relax

But if you were to turn around
Your back to the world
A new light would be found

So get out of our homes in the ground
Track Name: Living In Cities
There is no such thing as quiet living in the city
There is no such thing as true dark living in town
There is nothing wild about living inside walls

There are some who only live for what they have
There are some who only live for what they know
I don't have anything and I know nothing

So will you comfort me I'm feeling down
I've been letting my mind wander around
and someday soon it'll be lost and never be found
Track Name: Forgetting
When I walk down a road of broken glass
I'm daydreaming of the time I saw you last
I slow down to the pace of a snail in the (early) morning

It causes me to forget where I'm going
I always end up lost
Days are better when you fill my thoughts
Track Name: Sunrise
Track Name: Hurting Ears
My mouth is dry from this bitter tea
and I am shy
It's too loud in hear lets leave

But it's freezing out
Got frost bitten ears
Go back to your house
Leave with the hunting gear

We walk around
and slip on the icy ground
My fingers are getting numb
and I'm boring you

We sit in your car
and it won't start
I broke your radio
and I broke your heart
Track Name: Living Thankfully
Giving up isn't easy
It takes all of your might
but giving to complete strangers
takes all of your heart and all of your mind

But instead we keep on living and get old
and count the rolls on our big guts
like the rings on a tree trunk after it's fallen down

Wilfully forgetting is absolutely impossible
But thankfully living
Should be my life's goal

So don't give up so quickly
until you've felt and heard the ground beneath your feet
There're plenty of things to be smelled, tasted and thrown up
So what's the use in your giving up
Feel the breath of the world
Blow it's wind through your stupid curls