Idle Worship

by Caves

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released December 6, 2013

Stephen: Bass guitar
Angus: Guitar, chord organ, that bit of circuit bend, shakers
Peter: Guitar, Singing, Shakers
Jeremy: Drum Kit

Album recorded by the band on 4-track cassette in Grier house live off the floor. Vocals and additionals recorded later at Pink House 2013



all rights reserved


Caves Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Caves was Peter Grier doin some stuff.
Now it's Jeremy Angus Stephen and Peter doin stuff together. New album out now!!

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Track Name: Bitter Joan
I've paced every mile
of this dumpster bedroom

Trying to find how I got all of these wounds

But I don't recall if there was a weapon
or even if I am the victim
or if there was an honest witness

I'm still piling garbage onto this mess
Because I'm a bitter joan
Call me bitter Joan
Throw me on a plane get me out of here
Track Name: Fuck Food
I don't want to go to court
and I don't want to meet a judge
just want to stay asleep and dream that I am free

I don't want to be a friend
but I don't want to see an end
I just want to stay in bed until I wake up dead

Fuck you brain
Fuck you food
Fuck you change
Fuck you dude

(alt clean version)

What's a brain
What's a thought
What's with change
Whay's up doc?
Track Name: Lucid Basement
Why do I always start my days
In fear, dread and hate
I should stop and remember
who I am and where I lay
and if I am okay

I try to remember the land of dreams
where you told me that time and we are the same thing
on a trampoline I got dizzy

Fell down and lost my mind
Just to wake back up and find
that I am alright in the bright morning sunlight
Track Name: New One
Please don't immaterially immortalize me
I don't want to be eternally thee

or is honesty just modesty
or am I failing again

Been walking around too long
Trying to stop this new song
Hunting for something to eat
someone to saw off my feet

I'm a lone soul feeling that big pull
to some new discovery
Track Name: World's Biggest Breakfast
I've got a sloth on my back
It's weight makes my weak knees shake
I try to remove him ambition
He sinks his teeth into my skull

His growl
in my nightmare

He's grown
My bones are feeding him I know
I droop down into a frown
Sitting way too still
The claws on my paws are heavy
Each morning I want the worlds biggest breakfast

My growl
In your nightmare

(growly solo)
Track Name: Blackmail Preacher
Getting drunk off the guilt of future living
or soaking in a constant nostalgia
I've been habitually forgetting ideas
getting burnt out, in the sun

I don't know what I'm doing
Everywhere is already on the map

Wasted time and lost wallets
have been taking their toll on your soul
"Maybe I'll just be a wife"
"You gota serve somebody"
's what the preacher sold

I don't know what I'm doing
Everywhere is already on the map
Do you know what you're doing?
Or is it time to go back
Track Name: Nirvanaman
I want to be empty
Will you please burn all my belongings
So I can stop this wanting and set myself free

I'll cut holes in my pockets
let the change fall through
past my sock and into the gutter
where the rust will make it new

They say vote with your dollar
and we both know what to do
My friend meet me at the fire
We'll show them what is true

So if you want to be empty
Come with me, we're burning all of our things
to stop the craving and set ourselves free