Secretly Dead

by Caves

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Recorded 2010 in bedroom on cassette 4-track without samplers, synths or lap tops. Released Nov 2012 as LTR 004 on Leaning Trees Records


released December 13, 2012

Peter Grier, guitar, digitech delay for loops, reverb pedal, drum machine, tone from tuner,



all rights reserved


Caves Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Caves was Peter Grier doin some stuff.
Now it's Jeremy Angus Stephen and Peter doin stuff together. New album out now!!

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Track Name: Lucid Basement
Why do I always start my day
in fear, dread and hate
I should stop and remember
who I am and where I lay
and if I am okay

I try to remember the land of dreams
Where you told me
that time and we
Are the same thing
On a trampoline I got dizzy

Fell down and lost my mind
just to wake back up and find
that I'm alright
In the bright morning sunlight
Track Name: Space Helmet
I should think less about death

(if) Everyone was an accident
(then) Everyone was an accident

I can see the light (life?) (lie?) in every living thing

But everyone was an accident
and we all are mostly empty space
Track Name: Concrete Teeth
I can get so arrogant
Fills my heart up with cement
Because I'm cold it hardens quickly
Come wind and rain erode me

Will you be my jack-hammer
Please smash my tombstone
So in the rubble new things will grow

Look you have a massive fire burning eternally
It's forever surrounding, no use for blankets
So face it head on happily

Let your bones get singed by the flame
Nobody will pass any blame on to you
For giving in and letting your skin
Be turned to smoke in the sky
Soon enough you won't recognize me
from the clouds as they float by
Track Name: Raft Nap
Will you let your hair hang
over my head like a curtain,
block out the light
so all I can see are your blue ocean eyes

I'll get lost afloat on
a piece of plywood
from my abandoned ship
that your hurricane sunk so quickly

and I have no desire
to ever find any dry land
I'll float out here
no need to be rescued

I'll wait for years
Track Name: Secretly Dead
It is possible that I sold my soul
But I don't know what the hell for
Because my hands are always cold
and my mind is so slow

All I want is to live in the present
Hey temptation
Quit stealing my moments

My bed is so warm
but I don't want to sleep alone
so I wish to dream more
and let myself fly out the window
to places I have never been before
and memories I have never known

(alt version)
All I want is to live in the desert
fuck off Satan
quit drinking my water